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Application Process

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Meddix medical facilitator coordinates with you as a patient, the entire process required to obtain a medical service that is suitable for your treatment.

As a company specializing in health care management we provide service to countries such as Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Morocco... where either the treatments are more expensive, or non-existent or in order to avoid waiting lists.

The medical quality of our country ensures an excellent service with high standards of security (both medical, and legal).

Throughout this process MEDDIX accompanies you first hand to give you peace of mind.

We are responsible to take care of the smallest details to make your stay a succesful, pleasant and safe stay.


Process Meddix


Once you have clear that you want to contact us or need answers to questions, we provide access to medical information exchanging. It is a service of a second opinion, without any cost.

24 hours: response commitment.
Assignment of an appropriate Manager: who will request you information necessary to assess the feasibility of your demand or propose other solutions. This may require x-rays, diagnosis, analysis and any other additional documents required. This person will be responsible to inform your doctor and coordinate travel, stay, medical facilities or postoperative entertainment needs.

Analysis of documents, referral to the doctor most suitable for your treatment, who analyzes the viability of your surgery, within 72 hours, and forwards a budget with doctors of his medical pack (diagnosis, minimum days in Spain and cost of intervention). In certain cases the surgeon can be contacted (via skype, mai, etc) to provide more detailed information.

If you are in agreement with the proposed treatment plan and budget, and have decided to go forward, your case manager will contact you to review your travel needs, accommodation,stay, and dates according to your availability and information about the operating surgeon. At this stage we will require proof of purchase of the flight and a downpayment equivalent to 20% of the cost of the comleted process through payment with credit card or wire transfer.

Through the private area of our website you will have access to the details for planning your trip, with instructions for preoperative, operative and postoperative procedures, as well as your travel coordinator contact numbers, schedules and useful addresses.

    Remember that we can offer you additional concierge services such as:
  • Management of visas.
  • Booking of flights or accommodation
  • Language interpreters
  • Accommodation
  • Car rental
  • Tourist and shopping activities
  • Etc

Upon arrival at the airport, an Assistant will be waiting to welcome you, plan your stay and transfer to the selected accommodation.
During your stay we will accompany you over the next few days to assist you in your hospital procedure (care for the doctor, tests, reception, installation, etc.)

By the day after your arrival you will have an appointment with your surgeon and anaesthesiologist and and you will have undergone the appropriate tests. The originals of your medical reports requested previously will be provided. They will answer all questions in order to confirm that all is clear. When the decision to operate is confirmed, you must pay the rest of the bill.

A member of MEDDIX will accompany you to the hospital to facilitate the admission process.
POST operative (CONVALESCENCE and post operative care)
When the doctor has reviewed your condition after treatment and considers your safe release from the hospital possible, you can enjoy a few days of rest in Spain or return to your country. We will accompany you to the airport when required. Once in your country of origin Meddix will contact once more you to resolve anuy outstanding concerns and ensure that your recovery is going as expected.