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  • Restore patient’s vision
  • Achieve a useful vision
  • Improved colour vision and greater clarity vision.
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  • Personal feeling about having a small breast size.
  • As a reconstructive technique
  • Replacement of breast implants due to medical os stethic reasons
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Orthopedic Surgery
  • Relief severe pain
  • Improve stability
  • Improve joint mobility
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Assisted reproductive techniques have help to born more than three million babies worldwide. More Info
Loss Weight
  • Lost of excess body weight
  • Improving general health
  • Improving quality of life
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LAVH benefit is to require short post-operative recovery time. It might help to prevent future problems (e.g. Uterine cancer). Great relief for some discomfort or pain. More Info
  • Regain the control of the bladder
  • Improve patient's quality of life
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Other Procedures
Ask for any other treatments.

    Your procedures package is fully inclusive of

    • All Consultant fees during your stay
    • All hospital services (e.g. room, nursing services, operating theatre charges)
    • All charges clinically recommended by your chosen surgeon
    • Drugs and other materials required for your procedure (excluding fertility treatments)
    • All additional costs necessary to provide your treatment (e.g. hire of special instruments or equipment)
    • Critical care as clinically required
    • Outpatient treatments related to your procedures (physiotherapy, removal of sutures, plaster cast, routine radiology and pathology.
    • Any re-admission for medical complications arising from the original procedure.


    An initial consultation with a consultant is required before going ahead with your procedure. This consultation might be done by skype or in person.

    Once your consultant decides to treat you, a final price will be quoted. This price is guaranteed and inclusive of all costs.